About Us

In operation since 2005, with professional staff to be intertwined for years, VIETMAY HOME prevailed thanks to the central distribution system, distribution network, optimal delivery solutions, creating value-added for the Vietnamese wood industry.

VIETMAY HOME is one of the top wood furniture distributors in Vietnam. For the international market, we are the manufacturer as required by the customers with quality design, rapid production and good after-sales services. Product availability, competitive prices, innovative design along with the commitment to maintain and improve the quality and service has always been the target of VIETMAY HOME.

EXPORT LOGISTICS In Vietnam, VIETMAY HOME has 5 large distribution centers are: Southern Distribution Center (Long Hau - Long An), Central Distribution Center (Da Nang), Highland Distribution Center (Pleiku- Gia Lai), Western Distribution Center (Can Tho) and export furniture Center (Binh Dinh). In particular, export furniture Center in Phu Tai Industrial Zone in Binh Dinh has particularly important position in the supply chain system of VIETMAY HOME. Located in the centre of Phu Tai Industrial Zone - Binh Dinh, with a total area of more than 16,000 m2; 8000 m2 storage area. Export furniture center is one of the exporting finished wood products and importing of wood material clue for businesses in Phu Tai Industrial Zone.

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